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New features and updates to Sequence

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Add Invoice Discounts

Billing operators can now easily add one-off Invoice Discounts using the Invoice Editor to provide Customers a fixed amount off their bill.

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Improved Billing Frequency Setup

We’ve simplified the setup of billing start, end and recurrence dates when you are creating a billing schedule in Sequence.

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Recalculate Invoices

Recalculate charges on draft invoices and reduce manual updates.

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Billing Simulations

Test your billing structure and preview future customer invoices on demand.

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Create Credit Notes

The Sequence Invoice Editor now allows you to create credit notes against issued invoices in one click.

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Auto-issue Invoices to Customers

Reduce manual invoice work and guarantee that invoices go out on time, every time, with Auto-Issue.

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Invoice Branding

Add branded elements to invoices and credit notes to align your billing with your brand.

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Percentage Based Pricing

Sequence now supports percentage-based pricing models to allow teams to charge a percentage of transactions or payments processed. Optional flat fees, Volume tiers, and and graduated tiers are all supported.

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Invoice Editor

Design, edit and issue invoices to customers from one places. Designed for financial operators, use the Invoice Editor to easily make adjustments and view a preview of invoices sent to your customers.

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