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The new standard in B2B payments

Dynamic billing and collections to scale your B2B Company from seed to IPO

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Partnering with the fastest growing companies

Billing for hypergrowth

The only hypergrowth fin-stack designed to support your entire team in end to end billing and collections, and beyond.

Implement any pricing model
Charge each customer on your terms. One-off, recurring, consumption based, or hybrid. Tiered, volume-based or flat.

Design seamless billing experiences
Create beautiful invoice and billing templates and delight your customers.

Collect bank-based payments
Collect via bank transfer or direct debit. Create Sequence wallets or add your own account.

Turn siloed data into leveraged data
Tap into usage and billing data to pitch smarter sales quotes, reduce churn, increase upsells, and run pricing experiments.

Build any plan, of any complexity, with a spreadsheet like interface

Easily view and manage all of your plans, payments and accounts in one location. With a spreadsheet like interface

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Start, scale and streamline

As you scale, let payments work with you rather than against you

For startups

Get paid via invoice or direct debits fast. Billing and payments can be up and running on your Sequence dashboard in minutes, not months.

For scaleups

Stop conducting manual billing. Sequence integrates with your CRM, Xero, and your ERP to scale your payments faster.

For all payments

Simplify bank transfers and direct debits. Programmatically initiate payments collections, and embed pay ins and payouts with Sequence's easy API and wallets.

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Scaling B2B with finance automation

Give customers more

Provide a simple customer portal for access to product usage data, invoices, and payments, all in real time.

For the whole team

Unlock payments and usage data for your entire team. Easily quote plan previews to prospects, and iterate on pricing plans without breaking existing operations.

Integrate with ease

From Salesforce to Xero, Sequence integrates with your existing tools. Flowing through each step of your billing and collections process.

Work the way you work

Use Sequence APIs to embed pay ins and payouts into your product and automate manual work.

Designed for growth

Enterprise grade

SOCII and ISO27001 audited. Hosted on GCP.

Flexible APIs

Easy APIs to start and scale collection and payout flows. Request early access to view API Docs


99.9% API uptime. <1h customer response time to critical incidents. View status

Sequence wallets dashboard screen


Stripe was getting very expensive, so Sequence's B2B platform to not only move money easier but also cheaper is just what we need.

Streamlining financial operations is core to keep us scaling at unicorn pace.

As a CTO, my priority as soon as I joined the company was to ensure that reliable data and billing infrastructure was in place, ensuring that we trust our data implicitly, and that anyone in the company can use it to make real-time decisions.

It's imperative to do this when you're an early stage business, and Sequence are at the forefront: looking to build the financial tools that businesses at this stage need.

A lot of resource is spent on building and maintaining our payment infrastructure.

Sequence has all the functionality that we need to save us time and be more cost effective so that we can focus on what really matters, running our business.


When is Sequence launching?

Sequence is currently in private beta with design partners and launching publicly in Q4 this year.

What pricing models does Sequence billing support?

Sequence supports one-time, fixed and usage-based recurring billing and flexible pricing models for standard flat-rates, tiered pricing and overages.

Does Sequence integrate with Accounting and ERP software?

Sequence integrates with Xero, Netsuite and Quickbooks to keep invoicing and reconciliation in sync.

What Payment methods does Sequence support natively?

Sequence offers Bacs Direct Debit collections, as well as Faster Payments (FPS) and CHAPS for both collections and payouts. Support for SEPA and other payment methods is coming soon.

Can I use a third-party payments provider alongside Sequence Billing?

Yes. Sequence offers built-in direct debits and invoice based collections but also integrates with third party payment providers to manage collections on your own.

Does Sequence support regular subscription billing?

Yes. Sequence supports typical Saas subscription models, such as seat-based pricing as well as fixed monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions.

Does Sequence integrate with CRMs?

Sequence integrates with Salesforce and Hubspot to pull existing customer and closed-won account data into billing operations.

Does Sequence support invoice templates?

Sequence offers built-in, compliant invoice templates to support your brand. Preview and design new templates from scratch with a no-code invoice builder.