Minimum fees for usage-based billing

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of minimum fees for usage-based billing. With minimums, you can set a predetermined minimum amount for one or more usage-based prices, ensuring that you always bill for a guaranteed amount regardless of actual usage.

Secure your revenue with committed amounts

Minimum fees enable you to set a predetermined minimum amount to be billed for one or more usage-based prices. For instance, if your service charges $0.1 per API call with a committed minimum monthly revenue of $500, any month where the customer's usage does not reach the equivalent of $500 in API calls will trigger a true-up charge to meet this minimum commitment.

Flexible billing frequency to match your needs

Minimum fees align with the billing frequency of your prices, offering consistent and predictable billing cycles. Whether you’re dealing with monthly, quarterly, or annual pricing models, minimum fees ensure your billing remains on track and in accordance with your pricing strategy.

Apply minimums across multiple usage-based prices 

Take your billing strategy a step further by applying minimum fees across multiple usage-based products. This is particularly useful for businesses offering several API products or services at different rates but wish to maintain a consistent minimum revenue threshold. If combined usage falls short of this threshold, a true-up charge ensures the minimum fee is always met, simplifying billing across diverse service offerings.

Optimize your billing strategy today

Our new Minimum Fees feature is designed to give you greater control over your revenue streams, making it easier to manage and predict earnings from usage-based pricing models. By ensuring you can bill for a committed amount regardless of usage, you maintain financial stability while offering flexible pricing to your customers.

Explore how to set up and manage Minimum Fees in our updated documentation and take advantage of this feature to enhance your billing system’s efficiency and reliability.

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